Gratis konsert i verdensklasse

Tirsdag k. 19.00 på Universitetsaulaen er det duket for en helaftens konsert med toppmusikere fra Kina. Musikere i verdensklasse med tilknytning til Centra Concervatory of Music skal spille en helaftens konsert i en kammermusikkgruppe. Gratis inngang

Gruppen består av følgende musikere:

Liu Yuening, yangqin Zhang Guoliang, erhu Qi Jie, pipa Ji Wei, guzheng Wang Tianyang, piano Wendy Toh, violin

Her følger mer informasjon om gruppen (på engelsk):

Global Artists Chamber Ensemble

Global Artists Chamber Ensemble is a new ensemble, with the goal of gathering international artists at the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) in Beijing, China, a platform which is supported by Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban. This Nordic tour is a new model in its explorations and collaborations. With artists from the CCOM forming the core of the ensemble and inviting musicians from various countries on this tour to participate in this musical collaboration for concerts, it marks a new beginning for the Global Artists Chamber Ensemble. It strives to collaborate with musicians worldwide as they join the ensemble in future projects. This provides a platform that has great potential in developing and enhancing musical conversations and cross-cultural understanding through meaningful exchanges.