CUPL give the best wishes to all staff of CIB

A Letter to the Members of the Board, Directors, Chinese Language Teachers and Volunteers of the Confucius Institutes Co-established by China University of Political Science and Law

The President MA of China University of Political Science(CUPL) and Law concerns greatly of the pandemic situation in Norway, and he sent this letter to encourage all the members of the board of CIB(Confucius Institute in Bergen) and all staff of CIB to stay strong in this situation.

CUPL decided to send to CIB facemasks for protection since the masks has been sold out here in Norway. CUPL gives the best wishes to everyone, and will stay together with all of us in this special situation!

Thanks for the supporting of CUPL.We will follow the protective suggestions and overcome the pandemic with a positive attitude.

A letter to CIs from CUPL

March 14, 2020

Dear Members of the Board, Directors, Chinese Language Teachers and Volunteers,

I am concerning the pandemic in your cities, and hoping you stay strong in this situation.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, although being overseas, you have made every effort to support China, our motherland, and raise supplies for CUPL. On behalf of all the faculty, staff and students of CUPL, I would like to extend my highest respect and heartfelt thanks to all our dear colleagues and students!

China’s battle against COVID-19 is at a critical stage. Meanwhile, COVID-19 has been spreading throughout the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the COVID-19 a global “Pandemic” a few days ago. In addition to China, there are more than 60,000 confirmed cases in more than 100 countries and regions.

At this difficult time, CUPL is deeply concerned about you, your health and safety. To ensure safety, I would like to propose the following preventive and protective suggestions.

Please raise awareness of safety. Always pay close attention to the epidemic updates through national and local government authorities, face the challenge and make full preparation for prevention. Take good personal protective measures. During the epidemic period, try to go out less, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, wash your hands frequently, open windows to help with ventilation and avoid gatherings. Conduct scientific prevention. Early prevention, early discovery, early report and early treatment shall be achieved. Abide by the local laws and regulations on epidemic prevention and actively cooperate with the epidemic preventive measures in the country of residence. Keep close contact and communication with the Confucius Institute Headquarters, CUPL and the Chinese Embassy in the country of residence. If you have to return to China in the near future, please report to your residential community in China, apply to the Confucius Institute Headquarters, CUPL and your school/department for approval before traveling, and truthfully report your personal health condition and itinerary. Please take good personal protection during the travel.

All the directors, please keep abreast of the physical and mental health conditions of all teachers and volunteers, as well as various difficulties and challenges in life caused by the epidemic. If you need any support or help from CUPL, please contact the Confucius Institute Office of CUPL at any time.

Dear members of the Board, directors, teachers and students, please take good care of yourselves. No matter where you are, CUPL and our country will always be your strongest supports. Let us stand hand in hand, fight against the epidemic together, and look forward to the day when the epidemic ends!

At last, I wish everyone safe, healthy and good luck!

Prof. Dr. Ma Huaide

President, China University of Political Science and Law