China Writers Association Delegation Visited Bergen for Literature Communication

Written by YIN Yang, LI Hao Photo by LI Hao

On 26th April, China Writers Association delegation composed of six members, including Mr.Liu Heng, president of Beijing Writers Association, novelist. Ms.Chi Zijian, president of Heilongjiang Writers Association, novelist. Mr. Wang Yuewen, president of Hunan Writers Association, novelist. Mr. Liang Hongying, chief editor of Literature and Arts Newspaper, critic. Mr. Zhang Tao, director general of the International Liaison Department, China Writers Association led by the vice president of China Writers Association Mr. Qian Xiaoqian visited Norway. Invited by Confucius Institute in Bergen, they visited University of Bergen and had an open-ended talk with the Norwegian students from Chinese Program ,Foreign Language Department firstly. Then the delegation visited literature house to communicate with local writers.

At the very beginning of the meeting, China Writers Association delegation briefly introduced the overall situation about contemporary Chinese literature development and the challenges to be facing in the era of cyber.

The Norwegian students showed great interest in Chinese literature subjects and the taboos in literature creation in China, China Writers Association frankly and sincerely responded the students questions , when mentioned the popular Time- Travel novels ,one of China writers, Chi Zijian , remarked Don Quixote written by Cervantes , the Spain novelist . In her opinion , Don Quixote is kind of Time- Travel novel. Liu Heng interjected if he were younger, he would have written some Time- Travel novels ,and the subjects would be on the Vikings and he wanted to experience of being " Viking Pirate", his humorous speech caused a burst of laughter.

One-hour communication between the China writers and Norwegian college students seemed too short , one of the students ,Tor Stian Holte , who went to China in 1972,over 70 years, though , still studying Chinese hard , claimed his purpose to learn Chinese not only for preparing to go to China again to communicate in Chinese , but he could be able to read Chinese literary works in order to learn and understand China more.

Then the delegation visited Literature House to communicate with local writers. Well-known writers Inga Moen Danielsen, Teresa Grøtan, Åshild Kanstad Johnsen, Heidi Bøhagen, Ben, Yilei, Eira Søyseth and documentary director Lars Petter Gallefoss were present.

Rune Ingebrigtsen, the Director of CIB, introduced cultural communication activities ,such as music and martial art every year organized by CIB. He remarked this literary communication between different cultures was also meaningful.

During 3 hours, Chinese writers and Norwegian writers talked about literary creation concepts, promotion forms of international literary activities, etc. In the end, Zhang Tao, director general of the International Liaison Department, showed a sincere hope for Norwegian writers to visit China. Rune Ingebrigtsen also emphasized CIB would show more concern about Sino-Norway communication in literature field.