Chinese Bridge Competition of Norwegian Division Held in Bergen

Written by FU Tongtong, LI Hao Photo by WANG Jinzhong

On May 11, the final of the 18th "Chinese bridge" college students Chinese Proficiency Competition and the 12th secondary school students Chinese Proficiency Competition was held in Bergen. The competition was arranged by Confucius Institute Headquarters and the Education Affairs Division of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Norway, and hosted by the Confucius Institute in Bergen.

After the preliminary selection, four college students and nine secondary school students from all over Norway gained the qualification for the final competition and competed wonderfully. The competition was divided into three parts including speech, talent show and general knowledge question and answer which related to Chinese culture. The contestants expressed their understanding and love of Chinese culture in fluent Chinese and shared stories about learning Chinese.

In the end, Margretheme, who is from University in Bergen, won the first prize in the college group competition for her unique understanding and fluent expression of the theme of the speech "One World ,One family" and her beautiful Chinese song "When You Are Old". In the question-and-answer session, Mei Xiang quickly made her accurate judgment and did professional explanation to the difficult questions such as the method of Chinese character construction and the origin of Chinese characters, won cheers from the audience.

In secondary school group competition, Philip and Anine, who are from Amalie Skram Secondary School, won the first prize. In their speech "Learning Chinese, Creating Bright Future ", they all mentioned "Learning Chinese well can be helpful for us to travel all over the world". Philip was even more excited to say that he likes learning Chinese best and hopes to cooperate with Chinese people in the future. They performed with another contestant in a three-person group for talent show, which was pretty humorous and made everyone laugh.

Diego, who got the second prize, was interviewed by the host. He said he is currently studying as a postdoctoral at Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Because of his interest in Chinese culture, he has been studying Chinese by himself for years and has passed Level 6 of the HSK. He hopes he has opportunity to go to China for further studying in the future.