CIB was invited by BCCA to participate in autumn semester celebration

Written by Fu Tongtong/Photo by Cui Jinlu

On 9th Novermver, 2019, Chinese Cultural Association of Bergen (BCCA) held the autumn semester celebration at St. Markus Kirke. The Chinese director Li Juqian, Chinese teacher Lihui and two wushu teachers Cui Jinlu、Fu Tongtong of CIB were invited to participate in the event.

Before the event,the Chinese director Li Juqian delivered a speech, He introduced the situation and future development of the Confucius Institute in Bergen and the efforts of the CIB to spread Chinese culture in Norway.

During the party event, Chinese teacher Lihui showed the poem reading "I am Chinese" and the wushu teachers Cui Jinlu and FuTongtong performed Shaolin quan and Tai Chi quan.

The Confucius Institute in Bergen offers Chinese teachers and wushu teachers for three Chinese classes and two wushu classes free of charge, in collaboration with the Chinese Cultural Association to promote the development of Chinese culture in Bergen.