Confucius Institute in Bergen held the interview of new volunteers in 2020

writte by Lanlan Xiao

The Confucius Institute in Bergen(CIB) held two selection interviews for new volunteers in 2020 on March 14 and 17 respectively. It is planned to recruit 4 language volunteers of 23 people.

Xiaolan Lan,Lu Xin,Li Wenjin and Li Chuqiao who are currently volunteering Chinese teachers at the CIB are conducting online Q & A activities for for students of Beijing Normal University. This question and answer mainly focused on Interview experience and other related issues that everyone concerned about, including the teaching environment, workload, student and cultural activities of the CIB.

As of the final registration date, a total of 23 candidates have submitted their resumes for interviews. The selection process consists of selecting resumes, organizing interviews, and publishing shortlists. The first round of interviews took place on March 14th, with a total of 8 volunteers participating. The second round of interviews took place on March 17 with a total of 6 volunteers participating. During a Coronavirus Outbreak, the CIB also held online interviews. While doing related work well, it also considered humanistic care and provided protection for colleagues.

This interviewer is Geir, who mainly examines foreign language communication skills, Song Xiaojuan, who mainly examines professional knowledge and teaching skills, Director Li Juqian, who mainly examines intercultural communication skills and administrative work ability, and Rune Ingebrigtsen, volunteers who inspect the comprehensive quality of volunteers. the CIB hopes to select a group of outstanding young volunteers who have a strong sense of mission, glory and responsibility.

It is reported that recruiting outstanding language volunteers is an important task for CIB every year, because the quality of teachers affects the overall teaching quality of CIB. Only when more and more outstanding young teachers join in, will the CIB be able to continue to maintain a healthy and vigorous progress, and more and more Norwegian students will be more willing to learn Chinese and know more Chinese culture.