Fighting with coronavirus,Overcoming Difficult Times together


written by Lanlan Xiao


The Confucius Institute in Bergen(CIB) is always concerned about the coronavirus in China. Led by Li Juqian, the Chinese Director of CIB, the teachers and volunteers initiated a second donation. This donation has been donated to the Wuhan Charity Federation on 3rd March. Previously, teachers at some teaching sites of the CIB made donations to China through institutions or individuals.

Love has no distance. Norway is about 7050 kilometers away from China, with a 7-hour time difference. However, in fighting the coronavirus, all teachers and students of the CIB are always looking forward to good news from China. Under the leadership of the teacher, the students from Bergen, Molde, Flekke and Lofoten also shoot the video about their best wishes to China for getting out of the epidemic as soon as possible.

Thanks to all the efforts. We believe that the sun will eventually dispel the haze. We are waiting for that day. Whether it is China, Norway, or every corner of the world, family members can embrace each other, and friends can talk and laugh freely. We look forward to the day when everyone takes off their masks and walks on the streets, breathing freely in the sun, running, and blooming a warm smiley face.

Details of donations

Name Amount

Li Juqian 1000 yuan

Yin Yang 300 yuan

Song Xiaojuan 100 yuan

Sun Mei 100 yuan

Xiaolanlan 100 yuan

Lu Xin 66.66 yuan