[Online Teaching] Confucius Institute in Bergen holds all-round online teaching

Written by lanlan xiao

Since March, Norway's new coronary pneumonia epidemic has continued to spread and intensify. It severely affects the regular learning, work and life of Norwegian Chinese teachers and students. Influenced by the pandemic, the Confucius Institute in Bergen transferred the face-to-face courses in the spring semester to the "cloud" and conducted online teaching in all aspects. To ensure the safety of students and teachers, the Confucius Institute in Bergen made a positive response for the first time, transferring all face-to-face courses online to learn Chinese more safely.

On April 2, under the leadership of Confucius Institute's foreign director, Rune Ingebrigtsen held a regular online video work meeting. Under the guidance of Rune Ingebrigtsen, the staff of the Confucius Institute reported on their work, shared the successful experience of online teaching, and also summarized the deficiencies and difficulties. For the problems that occurred in the online classroom, everyone brainstormed and pooled their strengths to find a better solution.

We defeated the coronavirus together, and the teachers at the Confucius Institute in Bergen still insisted on working wholeheartedly and studying hard during the epidemic. Disasters are ruthless, and the world has love, let us wait for the beauty to come as promised.