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——Confucius Institute in Bergen held 2020 New Year celebrations

Written by Li juqian,Xiao lanlan

Photo by staff of CIB

January 25, 2020(Local time), was the Spring Festival of the Year of the Mouse. In the morning, the Confucius Institute in Bergen(CIB)welcomed the first guests of the Chinese New Year. The chairman of the board, Professor Asbjorn strandbakken, member Rita Aud Tveiten, President Chen Shi and President Lu Ning of the Chinese School, Professor Zhao Shouhui of the University of Bergen, as well as children and their parents of the Chinese School were invited to the Confucius Institute at Bergen Celebrate the Spring Festival with all the teachers! Before the day of Spring Festival, the CIB held a variety of Spring Festival cultural activities at various teaching points. The events on the day of the Spring Festival are the high lights of this Spring Festival series of cultural events.

In the lively atmosphere, all parties gathered together. Chinese Director Li Juqian gave a welcome speech on behalf of the CIB. Thanks to all the guests, friends and colleagues who supported the work of the Confucius Institute, and heartily expressed Chinese New Year wishes.

After a short and enthusiastic welcome ceremony, students from the Chinese school sang two well-prepared Chinese songs "Happy New Year" and "Congratulations" under the guidance of Confucius Institute Sun Mei, and won warm applause. In the joyful and peaceful atmosphere, the guests gave the children a red envelope for the New Year and gave good wishes.

For teachers, children, and parents to fully feel the "feeling" of the Spring Festival, the CIB also specially arranged to write "blessing" and paper cutting. Under the companionship of the teacher, the children and parents wrote their own "blessing" characters, cut out many cute little animals such as pandas and little mice, and enjoyed it.

The year's plan is in the spring. On behalf of the CIB, Director Li reviewed the work of the past year on a particular day. The CIB is the only Confucius Institute in Norway. With Bergen as its base, 11 teaching sites, including Chinese teaching and martial arts teaching, have been established in Norway, and its influence has spread to the entire country. In the past year, the Confucius Institute in Bergen successfully hosted and participated in a series of important events, hosted several delegations, and received remarkable awards and achievements.

In the past year, the CIB hosted a Joint European CI conference. This is an important conference organized by the headquarters of the Confucius Institute during the critical period of the Confucius Institute's development to improve teaching quality. The International Forum on Law and Language Summit, the Justices of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, and renowned Chinese and European scholars discussed the close relationship between language and law; the All-Norwegian Chinese Teachers seminar was held to discuss the changes in the newly issued curriculum outline and its Challenges brought; held a series of concerts to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Norway; Hosted various delegations including Ambassador Yi Xianliang of the Chinese Embassy in Norway, International Confucian Institute, China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing Sport University, Beijing Education Commission, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Chinese Writers Association, etc. to promote China-Norway cooperation. The CIB was also elected as a new member of the board of directors of the World Chinese Society. Norwegian Director Rune Ingebrigtsen received a Best Individual Performance medal at the International Chinese Education Conference, and martial arts volunteer Cui Jinlu won a Best Individual Performance medal. Besides, Director Li also introduced to the guests and colleagues the development plans for the Confucius Institute in to expand its teaching base and set up music Confucius classes in the new year.

The guests were impressed by the successful events held by the CIB in the past year, praised the new development and vitality shown by the Confucius Institute, and wished the Confucius Institute having more excellent development in the new year. Director Li said that in the context of various challenges faced by the Confucius Institutes worldwide in 2019, all friends in China and Norway cooperated closely, and the Confucius Institute headquarters and Norway renewed the cooperation agreement, laying foundation for the long-term development of the CIB. With a solid legal foundation, and we hope old friends will continue to support the development of the CIB and look forward to more new friends joining in the promotion of language and cultural exchanges between the two sides.

During the celebration, the “CIB in One” event was interspersed. The volunteer Xiao Lanlan applied the convenience of modern communication technology to connect guests and Confucius colleagues in different places in Norway and China, from Flakke, Molde, Lofoten. Chinese teachers and volunteers, Beijing volunteers who are thousands of miles away, interacted with on-site guests on the screen and wished the Chinese New Year. Geir Nodal-Pederson, the Norwegian teaching advisor in CIB, and the volunteers who were far away in China exchanged blessings.

In the end, guests, Chinese teachers and volunteers were invited to make suggestions on the work and development of the new year. In the closing speech, Mr Chen Shi, President of the Chinese School, expected more cooperation in the new year; Professor Standbakken, Chairman of the Board of the Confucius Institute in Bergen, said that the essential activities of the CIB had been intensive throughout the year, and the results were exciting. With the coordinating and cooperation of the governing units of each university, the council is willing to provide stable and active support for the work of the Confucius Institute and stated that it would contact more members of the committee, and also looking forward to the Confucius Institute Headquarters to send more outstanding teachers and volunteers, believing that the Confucius Institute in Bergen would have better development under the cooperation of all parties.

When plates of hot dumplings were served on the dining table, the Spring Festival event was going to close, but the atmosphere of happy and peaceful Spring Festival did not weaken. Through this Spring Festival cultural exchange activity, everyone experienced the charm of Chinese culture while experiencing traditional Chinese culture in person. This Spring Festival event has enhanced the cultural appeal and cohesion of China. The Confucius Institute in Bergen will also live up to expectations in the new year and will make more Norwegian friends understand Chinese language and culture and further benefit from the Confucius Institute. The various teaching and cultural work benefited from various unique projects of the Confucius Institute and promoted the deepening of China-Norway friendship.