The award ceremony of the Norwegian "Chinese Bridge" competition in 2020 ended successfully

The 2020 "Chinese Bridge" World Student Chinese Competition Norwegian final has ended. The Chinese Bridge Competition is hosted by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, hosted by the Education Section of Embassy of People’s Republic and the Confucius Institute in Bergen. The final award ceremony was held at the Confucius Institute in Bergen on June 30, 2020. Participating in the award ceremony were Professor Asbjørn Strandbakken, Chairman of the Board of Confucius Institutes in Bergen;Mr.Zhao Shouhui,the Professor of the University of Bergen;Mr.Rune Ingebrigtsen, the Norwegian director of the Confucius Institute in Bergen;and Professor Li Juqian, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute in Bergen;Teaching instructor Geir NordalPedersen; Ms. Yang Yang, Ms. Sun Mei, Ms. Song Xiaojuan, from the Confucius Institute in Bergen, Li Hui, Xiao Lanlan, Li Wenjin and Li Chuqiao, volunteers from the Confucius Institute in Bergen. At the same time, Sverre Eriksen, the first place in the Norwegian Chinese Bridge Middle School Group, also attended the award ceremony as a player representative. The ceremony was presided over by Li Juqian, the Chinese director. Organizing Committee member, Yin Yang, announced the results of the competition. In order to prevent and control the new epidemic situation, no spectators were arranged for the competition.

The meeting was first addressed by Asbjørn Strandbakken, who expressed his appreciation for the Norwegian Chinese Bridge Competition held successfully under special circumstances.

Afterwards, Mr. Yin announced the list of winners, and Professor Asbjørn Strandbakken presented the prize to the contestant's representative Sverre Eriksen and took a group photo.

Sverre Eriksen said that he is now studying in the first year of high school. Although he has not been learning Chinese for a long time, he loves Chinese very much and loves Chinese culture. He is eager to go to China to exchange and study one day.

Then Professor Zhao Shouhui and Geir NordalPedersen issued certificates to the instructors, and Song Xiaojuan and Li Wenjin took the stage as representative teachers to receive the awards.

In the end, the judge representative Shouhui Zhao said the contestants ‘high-level performance in this competition exceeded his expectations, which made him so surprised and cheerful. Meanwhile, he also expressed congratulations on the successful holding of the Norwegian Chinese Bridge Competition, hoping that the participants of the Chinese Bridge will be committed to building a bridge of friendly relations between China and Norway and contribute to promote the intercultural communication.

Language is a bridge that could integrate people into one country and understand each other’s culture. This Chinese Bridge competition will allow young students in Norway to have a chance to learn other countries’ cultures through the power of language and display their fruitful Chinese learning results online. At the same time, all of these achievements are inseparable from the instructors who have been soliciting the seeds of the beauty of the Chinese language into the land of Norway and cultivating with great enthusiasm. Although the virus has widened the distance between people and caused difficulties in communication with each other, the common interest in Chinese has still made people's hearts closer. So far, the 13th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese competition for middle school students in Norway successfully ended at the Confucius Institute in Bergen.