The CIB held the "Chinese Bridge" competition with the theme of “Fly high with Chinese”

Recently, the Confucius Institute in Bergen(CIB) hosted the 2020 Chinese Bridge Competition for Norwegian College and Middle School Students. The Chinese Bridge competition for middle school students is based on the theme of "Fly high with Chinese". Students from Amalie Skram High School(Bergen), Molde High School, Lofoten Junior High School participated in the competition.

Affected by the epidemic situation, The Chinese Bridge Competition in Norway is in the form of evaluating the video submitted by each participant. After collecting,the organizing committee sent them to the judges. The judges independently score the videos. It is reported that the current Chinese Bridge competition is about to end, and the results will be announced to everyone later.

Although the epidemic situation in Norway is still serious, under the organization and coordination of the CIB, the instructors are seriously responsible and made great suggestions, the students actively work hard and participate enthusiastically, the Chinese Bridge competition in Norway has entered the final stage smoothly.

This Chinese BridgeCompetition provided a platform for Chinese students in Norway to learn Chinese, demonstrate mutual learning and communicate with each other, and arouse the enthusiasm and efforts of local young people to learn Chinese.