The delegation of Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) visit

written/photo by Xiao Lanlan

On January 25, 2020(Norwegian time), the delegation from the Kunming University of Science and Technology of China visited the Confucius Institute in Bergen. The delegation was led by Ms Zhang Yingjie, the chairman of the Kunming University of Science and Technology and visited the teaching site of the Chinese School of Bergen and the CIB for field observations and exchanges.

First of all, the delegation of Kunming University of Science and Technology(KUST), led by Juqian Li, the Chinese director of the CIB, visited the Chinese school to observe the teaching process of Chinese course, Chinese painting and Chinese martial arts and conducted a discussion with the principal, teacher and some parents of the Chinese school. The forum discussed the valuable teaching experience in the process of running the Confucius Institute and the Chinese language teaching in Chinese schools.

Subsequently, the delegation visited the CIB and had a meeting with the Chinese and foreign directors. At the beginning of the symposium, the commissions of CIB and the KUST introduced each other's development overview. Rune Ingebrigtsen, the Norwegian director, expressed a warm welcome to the delegation's visit. At the symposium, the two parties strengthened the exchanges and cooperation between them. Both parties expressed their desire to provide specific support in various aspects, including providing human resources for the Confucius Institute in Bergen, etc.

Secondly, it discussed how the CI at the KUST and the CIB could deepen their cooperation. Rune Ingebrigtsen, the director of Bergen Norway, also introduced the advantages of the University of Applied Sciences of Western Norway (HVL), and show the active cooperation and complementarity with KUST, and had good prospects for interaction. At the same time, it emphasized that the Confucius Institute as a platform can further strengthen the in-depth cooperation between KUST, HVL and UIB, and provided a reliable guarantee for cultural exchanges between China and Norway.

It is reported that this visit to Kunming University of Science and Technology has deepened the exchanges and cooperation between Kunming University of Science and Technology and Bergen Confucius Institute in various fields, and effectively promoted cultural exchanges between China and Norway.

The delegation includes the following members:

1. Ms ZHANG Yingjie (DOB: 08-09-1963), Chair of University Committee

2. Ms SHEN Ling (DOB: 12-06-1969), Chair of School Committee, School of International Education

3. Mr ZOU Yongsong (DOB: 14-09-1970), Director of Division of Academic Affairs

4. Mr HUANG Mingyong (DOB: 26-09-1968), Director of Division of Personnel

5. Mr JI Hongjiang (DOB: 07-09-1973), Deputy Director of Division of International Cooperation

6. Ms LI Yang (DOB: 10-12-1984), Director of Confucius Institute Office, School of International Education

Officially founded in 1954 and with the history started from 1925, Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) is one of the top 100 universities in China, and the largest university as well as the only polytechnic university across Yunnan province. KUST has three campuses, all located in Kunming City, the capital city of Southwest China's Yunnan Province with 46 million populations.

KUST offers over 300-degree programs at Bachelor, Master and Doctor levels covering engineering, science, management, economics, medicine, law, arts, philosophy, agriculture, and education. The programs of engineering, materials science and chemistry of KUST are ranked by ESI as the top 1% worldwide.

The research in KUST is at the top level in Yunnan province, in both funding and achievements, with the important feature of very close connections to industries. In specific fields, especially the subjects related to the mineral industry, KUST is at the top level of research in China. The annual research fund of KUST in recent five years has been taking a proportion of over 60% of the total to all the other 70+ colleges and universities in Yunnan Province.

KUST aims to develop into an international high-level research university, to serve regional sustainable development and to serve the wellbeing of mankind by offering excellent teaching, research, social services, and also by promoting culture inheritance and exchange. KUST has established partnerships with over 120 universities in more than 50 countries and regions, for the cooperation in research, student and staff exchange, joint programs, technical transfer etc. KUST has been playing an essential role in Chinese university's cooperation with the neighbouring Southeast Asia and South Asia countries, including in the mechanisms of Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC), China-ASEAN cooperation and GMS etc., and also in other international region cooperation mechanisms including China-EU cooperation and Asia-Europe higher education programs.