“2019 International Costume Show” in Bergen Norway

Written by MeiSun

At 1 pm on Oct.26 in the center of Bergen, the “2019 International Costume Show” began with the music arranged by “FN- sambandet Vest”( United Nations Association), which was part of the “UN International Week” in Bergen. The participants came from 26 different countries in Europe、Asia、Africa and Latin America.

It is changeable in October in Bergen. In the morning, it was raining all morning and the temperature was very low only 1-degree celsius. Although it was cold, the participants were in high spirits. Fortunately, it was clear and a rainbow appeared at that moment.

The participants from China was made up of seven teachers from the Confucius Institute in Bergen. With the beautiful music, they walked a steady pace with super temperament and showed Chinese costume, winning a burst of cheers. The sports volunteer named Jinlu Cui played brilliant Shaolin Fist, which was a good beginning. The two Chinese teachers named Yang Yin and Mei Sun showed Cheongsam elegantly. The Chinese volunteers named Xinyu Hu、Yueling Chen and Lanlan Xiao performance “Han Clothing Show” with long-sleeves meaning implicit etiquette. The sports volunteer named Tongtong Fu didi Taichi, which was a perfect closing. All of them held the flag of the Confucius Institute in Bergen and waved goodbye with the applause of the audience. The Chinese director Juqian Li and the Chinese teacher named Xiaojuan Song from the Confucius Institute in Bergen took pictures and videos, leaving wonderful moments.