Wushu Seminar held by Confucius Institute in Bergen

Written by Fu Tongtong/Photo by Xiao Lanlan

On the 7th and 8th of September 2019 the Confucius Institute In Bergen held a Wushu seminar, and invited Master Qin Qingfeng to teach traditional Shaolinquan for the Wushu club of CIB.

Master Qin was an 8th Duan-level, and he was the senior coach for the national Wushu activity. As early as 1982, he won the national gold medal for Shaolinquan in the Wushu competition.

On the 7th of September, Master Qin taught the students Shaolin Dajingangquan. Shaolin Dajingangquan pays attention to actual combat, so the movement is powerful and quick. It is a form that is deeply appreciated by students. On the 8th of September, students learned another form named Shaolin shibaluohanzhang, which consists of slow movements and has healthy benefits for the body.

After the physical classes, there was a theoretical lecture. Master Qin explained the history, culture, characteristics of the movements and how to breathe in Shaolin dajinganquan and Shaolin shiba luohanzhang.

Student Bertand said that through these classes and lectures, he has further understood Chinese traditional Wushu and this really inspired his already strong interest. It was a good exercise for him. Student Wojtek said he has received a huge amount of knowledge that couldn't possibly be learned from books, but only through direct contact with Master Qin.

Finally, Master Qin expressed his gratitude to the Confucius Institute in Bergen and hoped that more people would get to know Chinese traditional Wushu and promote a good friendship between China and Norway.