Announcement of

The 2020 Chinese Bridge Competition• 12th CIB Cup

Chinese Bridge Competition

The Confucius Institute in Bergen (CIB) has the pleasure of hosting the 2020 Chinese Bridge Competition • 12th CIB Cup Chinese Bridge Competition.

This competition has two divisions:

The first division is for secondary school students aged 15 to 20 learning Chinese.

The second division is for college and university students aged 18 to 30 learning Chinese.

For both divisions: To be entitled to register as a competitor, students must attend a school or college/university in Norway. Further they must be born and raised outside China and have a nationality and mother tongue other than Chinese (both parents must have a mother tongue other than Chinese).

Before you register, please visit our website for more information about the competition.

If you would like to join the competition, please fill in your particulars in the event registration form linked below. You then will be automatically registered.

The registration deadline is 4th,April 2020.

The deadline for uploading the participant’s videos is 11th,April 2020. For details about the competition, please read the regulation.


You find the registration form here:


1. Before you register, please read the competition regulations and the guidelines carefully.

Please go to this link: Click the link

2. Those that have attended the Chinese Bridge Competition in China earlier will not be allowed to enter the same competition again before at least two years have passed. However, they are still welcome to take part in the competition in Norway.

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