Wushu, som betyr kampkunst, regnes av mange som Kinas nasjonalsport. Wushu har lange røtter i Kinas historie og er nært knyttet til kinesisk kultur, filosofi og medisin.

Kinesisk kampkunst gir variert og spennende trening for alle uansett alder, fysisk form og ambisjoner.

Who can join our classes?

Our goal is to be a centre for Chinese culture and wushu of high quality in the area of Bergen. What’s most important to us is that you get an opportunity to develop through training and the experience with Chinese culture.

We held trainings for both beginners and advanced from age of 13 years and older.

If you are younger tha 13 years old and want to practice Wushu you can attend the classes to our partner Djerv Wushuklubb, which offers training for younger children. Djerv Wushuklubb borrows the teachers we have, so you will enjoy classes with the same instructors.

To find more information, please visit our WUSHU website: